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Website type

What kind of website would you like ?

"Showcase" website :

This kind of website contains one to five static pages (which cannot be modified without me), and one page with a contact form.

~ 55€

"Dynamic" website :

This kind of website is totally independent. It changes itself, with an user action (it's a social website for example), or with your actions (it's a blog), or also the time of year (let's be crazy !). This website work without me through a database.

255€ +

"Complete" website :

This kind of websites can have a much larger number of pages (up to 100), but it's still static, and the pages cannot be modified without me.

~ 155€

Site design

What kind of design would you like for your site ?

Customized design :

This design is totally created by me, so he'll be much better suited to your website. The site on which you are currently possesses this design.

~ 45€

"Foundation" design :

This design was created to make the site faster to create, unfortunately, the site is less harmonious and design is less relevant.

~ 30€

"Material" design :

This design is the new mode. This is also the design used by all the Google Inc. services and more and more websites.

~ 45€


Which hosting would you like for your website ?

Hosting provided :

If you select this option, I take care of the hosting of your website, so it will be published on the "domain" of your choice (my domain is renseign.com for example) without you have nothing to do.


Hosting not
provided :

By cons, if you select this option, it is you who'll take care to manage the hosting of your website. I will provide you the website, but for you to manage it.